A physical activity and a diet

People choosing a physical activity do not always give enough attention to their diet. Meanwhile, the diet has a significant impact on our well-being, as well as on the effects of training.

The subject of a healthy diet should start from water. 60-70% of the adult human body is the water. During doing sports water loss is much faster than when the body is at rest. Without supplements these losses can lead to dehydration. Sentences about exactly how much water should you drink each day are divided. Most often it is said that a man needs 2,5 liters of water per day, while 20% of the body gets from food. In the case of intense efforts demand for water increases. It is also important to water the organism regularly, every few hours throughout the day. A serious mistake is, therefore, to drink plenty of fluids in the morning and evening.

A body's need for nutrients depends not only on the type of physical activity, but also on the age and state of health. In order to compose a perfect menu you should consult a nutritionist. During this visit you can also raise the issue of nutrients and dietary supplements. Currently, athletes have a choice of many such preparations. For sale available are, among other, training boosters, muscle mass and slimming supplements. These preparations are safe, yet effective, but they must be appropriately chosen.